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Featured Alumni - ECYP 2017 College Graduates 

  • Kimani Kendall, Class of 2013

    Graduate of Morgan State University

    Bachelors Degree in Film and Television Writing

    "ECYP has definitely assisted me in my growth as a young man. All the leadership experience and the public speaking engagements have brought me out of my shell in communications and has helped me create a distinct voice for myself as a leader in society".

  • Lauryn Froneberger, ECYP Class of 2013

    Graduate of University of Maryland College Park
    Bachelors Degree in Journalism
    ECYP has expanded my horizons and allowed me to be open to stepping out of my comfort zone. Since the trip I have been more open to learning about and experiencing other cultures while also exploring ways to push past the boundaries set for women of color.

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ECYP Alumni Council will be hosting an Alumni Social on November 9th! 
For more information, email kstvillier@ecyp.org 




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