How To Apply For ECYP



  1. Ensure that you are a current sophomore student who lives or attends a school in Maryland's 7th Congressional District
  2. Complete the application and request your transcript and recommendations 
  3. Submit the application and all supplemental materials online or fax it to 410-542-4834 by the due date


The application process for ECYP class of 2022 is now closed. Stay tuned for information about the application process for the class of 2023. 

To be eligible, an applicant must live or attend school in the 7th congressional district (also called Maryland District 7)


Please go to to enter your home and/or school address to ensure geographic eligibility. See below for a map of the district.

Questions? Call us at (410) 542-4850 or email us at




Before Israel, it was difficult to truly grasp how alien a person’s culture could be, yet how similar their basics wants and desires.  Above all else, I credit ECYP for my value of diversity and understanding that in the end we all love, want, and strive for the same brilliant future.
- Shinera Mitchell, '08

Map of Maryland's 7th Congressional District