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How To Apply For ECYP


ECYP provides students in the 7th congressional district of Maryland with a unique opportunity to gain leadership skills by gaining first hand cross-cultural knowledge and skills.

Please note: To be eligible, an applicant must live or attend school in the 7th congressional district (also called Maryland District 7) and be a current sophomore.

Please go to to enter your home and/or school address to ensure geographic eligibility. See map of the district at the bottom of the page.

There are three ways students can apply:

Option One: To apply online, please complete Part One and provide two references with a link to Part Two, ECYP’s recommendation form.

Option Two: To apply via email, click and fill out the application. The application form is a fillable pdf. Once completed, you can submit the form via email to

Option Three: To apply via mail, click and print out a paper application. We highly recommend that you type your responses for the short answer prompts and include your typed responses as an attachment. If you choose to write your responses, please use black or blue ink.

ECYP’s Paper Application

To mail the application please send it to ECYP Application, 5750 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: All application materials are due by midnight or postmark on April 25, 2024. Selected applicants will be notified by e-mail and/or phone in April for an interview.

Questions? Call us at (410) 542-4850 or email us at

Who can apply to ECYP?2020-09-16T09:00:33-04:00

To be eligible for ECYP you must be a current 10th grader who lives or attends a school in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District.

When is the application available?2020-09-16T09:00:55-04:00

Applications open in December and are due March 15th. A review of the application materials will happen after the deadline. Oftentimes, ECYP will follow up with you if you are missing a part of your application prior to the deadline. However, a student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that their application and all additional supplements are turned in. Please ensure that the email you provide is correct and is checked on a regular basis.

What are the application requirements?2020-09-16T09:01:17-04:00

Students interested in ECYP must complete an online or pdf version of the application, submit a transcript and two references. References can be provided a link to their section on our website.

How does the selection process work?2020-09-16T09:01:39-04:00

ECYP will only review completed applications. At the end of the review, a select number of students are invited to interview with the ECYP Board in early May. If selected for an interview, you will receive an invite via email. After the interview, applicants will receive word of their selection via email. All applicants will receive notification by the end of May. Students selected are expected to attend ECYP’s graduation and induction ceremony that occurs in mid-June.

What does the program require?2020-09-16T09:01:56-04:00

ECYP is a two-year fellowship starting at the end of August. Students meet twice a month, mainly at the Jewish Community Center in Park Heights, Baltimore (5700 Park Heights Ave). Workshop sessions tend to, but not always, occur on Wednesdays from 5-7pm. Students receive a schedule of workshops in August. All workshop sessions are mandatory. Travel to Israel is also mandatory and occurs during the summer between a fellow’s junior and senior year.

What does the program cost?2020-09-16T09:02:16-04:00

ECYP programming, including travel to Israel, is at no cost to participants.

Map of Maryland’s 7th Congressional District

MD 7th Congressional District

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